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  • Sep. 2007”VISCAS receives order for large 765kV transmission line project in South Africa
  • Aug. 2007VISCAS receives large order for extra high voltage power cable projects in Singapore
  • Jun. 2007Successful development of practical recycling technology for cross-linked polyethylene cable
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 Leading the World in development of Overseas Electric Power Infrastructure, and proud to be "No. 1 in the World for the Quality"!

In recent years, there has been rising demand for construction of electric power infrastructure in the world. Furukawa Electric, Japan has extensive overseas experience with complete turn-key projects for extra high voltage power cables and overhead transmission lines, and the technological capabilities to meet the high-level needs of our customers. Furuakwa Electric, Japan is currently working on a variety of overseas projects. In the area of underground transmission cable line, these include large extra high voltage projects in the Middle East, and 500kV class power cable installation in China (Cable laying in vertical shaft and/or inclined tunnel). In the area of underground power cable transmission line, we are engaged in complete turn-key projects, covering everything from geological surveying to completion inspection and delivery, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Furukawa Electric's motto is "No. 1 in the World for the Quality," and the trust of our customers is always our top priority. We are active throughout the world, as a leader in the industry, based on our accident-free construction, superior technical capabilities, and process control system.

Canada: 69kV Cable Laying for BCTC
China: 500KV PQ Test PJ at Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute
Hong Kong: 132kV Cable Laying for CLP Power
Installation of Power Cable System / Maintenance and Monitoring System
•Maintenance Systems of Underground Power Transmission System
• Installation of Underground Cable
• Installation of Submarine Cable
• Installation of Cable Conduit
• Civil Work for Power Cable Installation
• Maintenance of Power Cable Systems
• Cable Temperature Monitoring System
  (Distributed Temperature Sensing)
• Deterioration Diagnosis System for   Power Cable

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The Company is managed by the Board of directors consisting of high calibre professionals who have a wide range of experiance in the EHV XLPE cables field.

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